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Maggie Pie Learns to Knit

October 23, 2013

I was very surprised when Flo suggested that Maggie Pie should to knit.  I was even more surprised when she said that she would do the teaching.  I said,”Are you sure you want to do this?”  She just gave me that look.  You know, the one that says, “Stupid Human”.  Cats are so good at that look. 

Lesson No. 1:  Find the end.

P1050663  P1050666  P1050669  P1050664  Found it!

P1050670  You expect me to do WHAT? with it?  You’ve got to be kidding.  It makes a much better floor decoration.  I might even catch a few humans with it.

Flo may never be the same.


Dot is NOT Happy

October 12, 2013

20131002_125531  She has been giving Maggie Pie sewing lessons. 


20131005_161201  And she was very happy with her progress.  She even let her work alone one night.

And, this is what happens.

P1050654  Maggie Pie made a little wall hanging for Hallowe’en.  She was so proud of herself.


Forgotten Socks

September 14, 2013

P1050601  These socks knitted so quickly, I forgot to show them.  Maybe It’s due to the fact that they are a boring color.  What was I thinking?   I guess there are times when boring socks are necessary.  I just haven’t found it yet.  Maybe, I’ll give them to my daughter.  She tends to coordinate.  Where does she get that from?

P1050605  It has a nice pattern down the front that was easy to remember.  It was from Socks That Rock club. 

I doubt that I will be joining the club next year.  Right now, I’m looking at my yarn basket.  It holds the yarn from last four kits and I’m thinking about how much they look similar.  I have not been inspired to knit any of them.  What happened?  As a matter of fact, if I wait until the rest come, I’ll have plenty for a sweater, if you like greens and purples.  They all go together.  At least I got some good patterns out of it.

P1050618  We have broken with tradition and decided to name our motor mouth, Maggie Pie.  I mean.  Does she look like a Donna or a Ruth or a Gloria or a Betty?  They weren’t working for us.  Now.  I did toy with Stella for a while.  I stll have a couple of weeks to decide.