Every year at Thanksgiving, I have to go to the cemetery.  I have to.  It calls me.  I tried waiting until afterwards a few times.  It didn’t work.  I had to go.  I don’t get anything  accomplished until I go.  And I don’t have any Christmas spirit either.  The cemetery comes first.  That’s all there is to it.  I got out my decorations and my T-pins, but I didn’t leave until 10:30.  Doug wanted to get the oil changed first.  So I got out the refrigerator roll dough I made last night and made up a few rolls.  While they were rising, I got dressed.  When Doug got back he took Gus for a short walk and I baked the rolls.  I also called Linda to come over and have some.  I got out the butter and jam.  They were wonderful.  They are so good right out of the oven.  It takes about two hours to get to the cemetery so I was glad to have Doug come along.  He decorated Nannie and Pop while I did Louie.  Christmas decorations are much better than flowers especially in Winter.  They look so festive.  I chat. I cry. I show off my sweater.  I wish Daddy were here too.  I feel better.  I can go on.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Christmas decorations would be nice. I have never thought of that. Glad that you are feeling better. Hugs.

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