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A Bonnet for Betty

July 12, 2012

Well.  Not really.  She’s going to be a grandmother for the first time.  She is a nice person and she is my friend.

The pattern is from the new Jane Austen summer magazine.  On the first read through, I felt that some exclamations went too far and others just didn’t make sense.  I was happy that it had charts and I made good use of my stickies with the arrows on them. 

I liked the hem around the face, but I did it my way.  It took less time, used fewer needles, left no more ends to weave in, no waste yarn was needed and it looks perfect.  

I also liked the I-cord around the neck, but here again, I did it my way.  It was quicker and less fiddly and looks just as good.

I thought the drawstring idea was great.  I couldn’t find the little thingy I use to hold the end, so I used Sweetums instead.  Sometimes you just have to improvise.

I tried to get one of the cats to model, but the girls were having nothing to do with it.  I put it on Sweet Baby Rue while he was half asleep (his usual state). 

Since I couldn’t get a decent shot, I put it on the glass head.

One more thing.  You only need about 190 yards to make the bonnet.  The directions mention a 547 yard skein which I thought was outrageous amount.  If you bought the exact yarn mentioned, you would have a good 2/3 left.  I have noticed that a few other patterns have a lot more yardage in them then I would have thought necessary.


November 8, 2010

I was going to blog.  Really, I was.  When I sat down with my laptop. my mind went blank.  And what was I going to talk about?  I’m still not certain.  It was the first day of Standard TIme so I was up an hour earlier.  I had time  for a nice breakfast, a walk, some reading, some knitting and a long hot shower before leaving for knitting group.  I still left early.  I needed gas and I wanted to stop at Staples to get a book spiralled.  Is that a word?  I don’t know anymore.  There are so many new ones out there.  The stop at Staples was a waste of my time.  They said it would be about an hour before they could help me and that I could leave my book.  I said, “No thanks.  I’ll be back in two weeks.”  They said they were always very busy on the weekend.  This is a lie because I always come on Sundays before my group starts.  And the job they were doing?  It seemed to be watching the customer operate one of the big machines.  Huh?

Group, as usual, was a lot of fun.  I wore my new socks.  I love them.  They are so me.  Betty started talking about my socks so I flipped my clogs off and pointed to my feet.  She started laughing.  She didn’t realize that I was wearing them.  She’s one of those people who you want to make laugh just to hear her. 

Maria made NO progress on the fringe of her shawl.  She kept complaining that it didn’t look right.  She kept losing the yarn overs.  I hope I got her on the right track.  I told her she can’t do anything new until she finishes the fringe.  Fat chance of that happening.  She’s all ready planning her next shawl and she has the yarn for it.  I really like the pattern she found.  Maybe I’ll do it, too.

   At this point I was going to show you what I have started.  Unfortunately, my laptop and my camera are not on speaking terms with each other today.  This has happened before, but I do not currently feel like fixing it.  But there is always cat pictures.

 This is Miss Kitty.  She is a Certified Bed Cat.  She will sleep with you every night when you visit my girlfriend in Bismarck.  And, believe me, you need at least one of these when you go there.

And here’s Flo.  She missed my lap so much while I was gone.  She’s been trying very hard to make up for it.

And here’s Cora enjoying the fire.  She didn’t even realize that I was gone.