Getting Rid of Christmas Decorations

It had to be done.  I had lights that hadn’t been used since 1998.  Yeah.  1998.  In 1999, four weeks before Christmas, I fell and dislocated my thumb.  I had this stupid cast on.  I could hardly knit, let alone put lights on the tree.  I was depressed as hell.  And, then, there is was.  My salvation.  An artificial tree with lights!  Alleluia!  There will be Christmas after all.   I bought that tree and never looked at real trees again.

So.  Where was I?  I filled an enormous box to overflowing with lights.  By the time we had gone through everything, the back of the van was full.  I was a little nervous at first.  Sweetums kept going back and forth on the lights.  He loves to decorate the outside.  He really does a good job.  When you cross the little bridge and look over the creek, you will see our deck all decked out.  Once again, I digress.  There are now a decent number of decorations about and the tree is once again overladen with ornaments.  It looks good.  I’m happy.

One more thing.  Last year, I could not find my singing snowmen.  Well I found them.  All five are set up on the counter.  Will Santa, aka my grandson,  bring me another this year?

 Wait!  Wait!  Where is my Minnie Mouse tree topper???

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