Getting Ready for Sheep & Wool

I always seem to pack the wrong things.  This year it’s worse.  This year I have three days of workshops, two days of festival and one girls day out.  To make matters worse,  accu-weather shows temps going from 52 to 79.  So now I have even more clothes to pack.  I have clothes there, but they are not something I want to wear in public.

I got out three little tote bags, one for each workshop.  I just have to remember to pick up the right one each morning.  Maybe I’ll leave them all in my car.  I  also have a big tote bag for shopping.  I made a list so I wouldn’t forget the important stuff.

When I get to my son’s, I have to go to the market for lunches.  They have tuna, chicken and shrimp salad.  I’m taking lettuce, bread and oranges.  My son makes great iced tea, so I’ll grab a bottle of that each morning.  Along with coffee, of course.

I was hoping to get my toe socks finished, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now.  I will be working on what I learned that day in the evenings.  Also, my son likes me to go shopping with him for some reason.

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