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Happy Toes

June 17, 2020

I was finally able to get a pedicure.  The place that I usually use has not re-opened.  I really liked this girl so I think I will stay with her.

Shawl Pictures

September 28, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I really like getting pedicures.  Most nail places around here are not unlike a greasy spoon.  You’re not sure of the food on your plate and you’re definitely not going to use their lavatory.

Happily, there is The Day Spa in Blades. Everything is fresh and clean and the ladies are just lovely and it’s just one mile from my house.

They are also very accommodating.

New Pedicure

January 23, 2018

  When everything I touch falls apart, I know it’s time for a pedicure at the spa.  After the Little White Riding Hood debacle and taking the sock apart I have been knitting three times, I knew it was time.

Toe Socks

June 11, 2014

heron toe socks 012  I am so glad that these are finally finished.  I used size 000 double pointed needles.  They took so long to make that I probably could have made a nice cardigan in the same amount of time.  But, aren’t they pretty?  And don’t you just love the toes.

heron toe socks 014  I made them to wear with my Merrell sandals.  Can you see my toes?  I used the flash for this picture.  It reflected back.  They are not holes.

heron toe socks 017  See?  Day-Glo Orange.  At least they don’t glow in the dark.  If you are going to get a pedicure, you might as well go all out.