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A Pleasant Experience

May 21, 2014

Three cheers for Delaware DMV!!

Yesterday, Sweetums and I rode over to DeDMW. There were a few things that we had to get straightened with my new vehicle and some other things. We walked up to the front desk. When we said why we were here, she handed us a ticket. Then she looked at it and said, we were next and to look for our number over the windows. I explained to the woman what had happened and what I wanted to do and she was fine with it all. She was extremely pleasant with everything. She was vey helpful and explained everything. I got just what I wanted and I had all my questions addressed. I thanked her profusely. We were back in the car ten(Yes! Ten) minutes later.

OK. One bad thing. I didn’t have any time to get some knitting done.

Off to DMV

August 9, 2010

Frank wasn’t coming today, so we took the cars to DMV.  It had to be done by Sunday or they come with a big sledge-hammer and beat your car to death.  You have to take your car there to be inspected at the same time.  This is fine with me.  They also check lights, brakes, wipers and horn and there is no EXTRA fee.  The amount we pay for three cars is less than what I paid for just mine alone when we lived in Maryland.   Delaware is also saving  trees by not mailing out notifications.   If you’re smart enough to have a car then you should be able to look at your tag and know when to bring it in.  They will e-mail you if you give them your e-address.  What more do you want?  Oh yeah.  They have a drive-thru if you pay by cash or check.  You never have to get out of your car.  Is that enough?