Cold and Rainy Day

It’s cold and raining and I still have a cold. I did finish a pair of gloves. I have to think about a hat to go with them. And that’s just it. I can’t think. I set up my new sewing machine and started sewing. I had to stop and move my chair over. The bed really is that much longer. I want to make a little table runner with it, but standing and cutting out little pieces of fabric makes me dizzy. I did manage to start some bean soup with leftover ham. Doug helped and the animals enjoyed fatty ham treats, especially Elvis. He can get really loud. It’s because he can’t hear myself anymore. It’s good to see him hanging out with the others.

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  1. Christine Says:

    We had a cat that was 18 years old. She got so deaf she would sit on the front step and yowl so loud that it sounded like somebody was killing her. I would open the door and she wouldn’t hear that so I would give her a little poke. If cats could talk she would of been said “Oh…its about time you came and let me in…whatever were you doing?” My cold is hanging in there too. It must want to see the New Year! Anyway… happy…snif snuffle…New Year.

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