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Gluing Reindeer

December 20, 2007

I am a knitter, a sewer, an embroiderer, a quilter, a crocheter. I am not a gluer. It took me hours to get those underbellies inserted on those reindeer, but they are finally done. It’s a wonder my whole dining room isn’t stuck together. Now I have to put the whole thing together. ARGH!!! How does Rudolph’s nose look? It is so tacky. I love it.

Here is my friend and neighbor, Linda, modeling my daughter’s tunic. Jenn is at least four inches taller and she has boobs. It still needs buttons and steaming, but models can be hard to catch. I also sent it to her husband. I said I found her wandering around again and that she was trying to fly away. You’ve got to have some fun.

Hey, Christine! Look. No snow. And I only had to wear a sweater when I walked the dog.

I’m sorry.  I am bad.  Santa won’t bring me any presents.  Reindeer will do that to you.

Mittens and Reindeer

December 11, 2007

I read this blog about this teacher wanting mittens and socks or slippers for the students at her school. Nearly all of the children come from very poor homes. I wish that I had known about it earlier, but I can’t read everything. So I am knitting mittens and socks. So far, I have made two pairs of mittens and one of socks. I figure I can send everything out by Thursday and it will get there on time. My reindeer are coming along slowly. The thread keeps breaking on this last spool and re-threading is wearing thin on my nerves. I just changed the needle so I know that isn’t it. Why is it always everything or nothing? I still have to finish my daughter’s tunic. I’ll be OK after Thursday. Well, maybe not. I just remembered I offered to knit a pair of gloves as a prize. Oh, wait. I said that I wouldn’t be able to start them until January. Wow. That was close.

I want to thank everyone for the comments. They make me feel like dancing. I will not be posting pictures today. Well, just one. Love ya.

He’s so helpful.