Mittens and Reindeer

I read this blog about this teacher wanting mittens and socks or slippers for the students at her school. Nearly all of the children come from very poor homes. I wish that I had known about it earlier, but I can’t read everything. So I am knitting mittens and socks. So far, I have made two pairs of mittens and one of socks. I figure I can send everything out by Thursday and it will get there on time. My reindeer are coming along slowly. The thread keeps breaking on this last spool and re-threading is wearing thin on my nerves. I just changed the needle so I know that isn’t it. Why is it always everything or nothing? I still have to finish my daughter’s tunic. I’ll be OK after Thursday. Well, maybe not. I just remembered I offered to knit a pair of gloves as a prize. Oh, wait. I said that I wouldn’t be able to start them until January. Wow. That was close.

I want to thank everyone for the comments. They make me feel like dancing. I will not be posting pictures today. Well, just one. Love ya.

He’s so helpful.

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  1. Christine Braun Says:

    That cat looks purr-fictly content.

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