The Mittens are in the Mail

I drove up to the post office this afternoon and deposited my package in the slot inside. Mercifully, it just fit. There was a long line at the window and I had more then enough stamps on it. The bridge over the river is out for two weeks so I had to drive out to the highway and come back in. It took about three times as long as usual.

The socks were a pair I started last summer, but forgot about until I was looking for yarn. The mittens were made from Lion Brand yarn that I think my mother had. It said machine washable and dryable on the label. It was the only kind she would use. They are thick and soft so I hope they make someone happy. Now I can get back to my daughter’s tunic. The reindeer are also about done, but I am not looking forward to putting them all together. It will be worth it. They really look good.


Here are my oldest and newest Haflingers. I love these shoes. They were made for me. The arch is perfect. I can put on a brand new pair and wear them all day like they were my oldest. That includes walking down to the horse farm with my goofy dog. I wonder how long I can go without scraping them. I bought two pair because that’s what they had on sale in my size.

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  1. Sara Says:

    Those mittens and socks are beautiful!

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