Trying to Find the Right Fabric for my Kitchen

My original plan was to make covers for this:And this:

Simple. Right?    

I visited no less than three fabric shops and bought  fabric for six tops and five pants.  Well.  If I’m going to have new blouses, I need new pants to go with them.  This was getting to be far too expensive.   Now, I believe that I mentioned getting rid of blouses and making new ones.  I may also get rid of the old pants that I haven’t gotten around to taking in.  I’m not sure about that yet.  They are nice.  I’d better not die anytime soon.  I’ve got too much stuff.

So, I went on-line.  Well, duh.  After about four hours of driving myself crazy, I finally settled on three coordinating fabrics.  I might as well make new curtains.  And pot holders.  And, maybe, placemats.  It’s all going to look so CUTE!!!.  I hope Sweetums doesn’t puke.

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