Some Things Take Some Getting Used To

Take Gus’s new leach.  Sweetums likes it.  Gus likes it.  I don’t care for it.  It has a retractable cord.  It’s hard to hold.  I always lock it to about six feet.  It helps my balance.  Gus understands.  He’s a good boy when I have the lead.  We bought it mainly to enable Gus to get in the river.  He likes to walk around, get wet and drink the water, but he panics if he slips.  He is NOT a swimmer.  I honestly think he feels better when he is in the water now.  Before, we would let him loose, but only when the tide was low.  We worried about the roots and the old fallen down concrete  boat ramp.  Now he’s a happy boy.


Then there’s the new mouse.  Sweetums got it for my laptop.  It’s wireless, but so are the others.  It’s just a tad too big.  It’s hard to hold.  It’s amazing how something a mere 1/4 inch bigger can be such a pain. And it’s a little slow.  So I got the old one for my laptop.  I’m so happy.  It works so much better.  Sweetums is so nice.

I think I am going to be getting used to a new standing mixer soon.  The motor is acting weird.  I was making my son “The Cake” for his birthday and it was having trouble.  It’s only thirty years old.  About four years ago, I bought some parts for it.   That helped.  I can’t  knead dough with it anymore and I can’t find the food processor, just the blades.  I guess I had better start looking.  Ugh.

Did you notice that I made it through this post without mentioning yarn or cats?



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