I Was Happy to See

The wood duck was out this morning with the kids.  I counted at least six before they were too far down the creek to see.  There was a wood duck house on a pole in the creek for several years, but it fell over last year.  A neighbor had put it up, but he died a few years ago.  He was quite a character.  He knew how to enjoy life.

Tuesday, my son came for a little visit and brought his girlfriend.  It was Sweetums first time seeing her.  They both took the week off.  She is small and cute with freckles.  She talks a lot, but that may be nervousness.   She calls my son, Dear, which grated on Sweetums’ nerves.  I’m not certain what she sees in my son.  He can be as irritating as his father.  I told her needs to beat him regularly.

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