It’s Official! I’m Losing It

Yesterday, I forgot what day it was.   I needed a pedicure and I wanted a manicure so I called.  I thought it odd when I was told to come at a specific time.  Usually, I get, “When do you think you’ll be here?’  When I walked in I was surprised at how busy it was.  The greeter said, “Well, it’s always like this on Friday and Saturday.”  I couldn’t believe it.  I never go around the weekend for this reason.  I even pulled out my phone to check the day.  Yep.  It was Friday.  Just shoot me and bury me in the back yard.  Boy.  Wouldn’t that surprise the next owners.

I thought it was time for a plain pair of socks.  As you can see, I didn’t make it.  I didn’t even start out with a plain rib.  And whereas the yarn is subdued, it isn’t plain either.  This is Sockotta yarn which is nice for Summer.  The leg is purposely loose.  I used a smaller needle for the heel gusset and decreased an additional six stitches on the foot.  It fits just the way I want it.

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