Flo Makes Me Crazy

She had spent another night out.  We were ready for our morning walk and she still hadn’t shown up.  We locked up and headed down the driveway when I saw her sitting in the yard next door.  She got up and staggered over.  She looked like she had been up all night partying.  She couldn’t keep her eyes open.  Since she was basically OK, we told her that we would be back in an hour and went on our way.  Well, she was nowhere to be seen when we got back.  We considered turning on the sprinklers, but decided that would be mean.  She finally managed to stagger out of the bushes around noon.  We fed her a nice breakfast and half and half.  Of course, we had to give Rue Boy some.  He is such a mooch.

Every time Flo stays out all night I am reminded of the time some thing tried to slice her a new asshole.  Plus, she’s so tiny.  She is such a sweetie.  I wonder, sometimes, how long I’ll have her.

Did I mention that I am not buying any more yarn?  Well, I lied. 

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  1. Betty Says:

    First I LOVE the yarn. The colors are so vibrant!!! Second, I can’t help but laugh about the slicing. It’s not funny for Flo, but the way you say it makes me laugh. And Rue is looking gorgeous!!!!

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