Is It Dinner When You Eat at 3PM?

Yesterday, I had a roaring headache by 4PM.  Trying to cook was impossible.  I wanted to hide in the dark in the bathroom, but Sweetums and Frank were working on it.  Everywhere else was too bright.  I had to change my white socks.  They seemed to be glowing.  This happens sometimes. 

So, today I started cutting my vegetables around 2PM.  I had two left-over pork chops and Sweetums loves stir-fry.  Then, I thought why not go ahead and fix it now.  I can warm it up later.  I hear, “What cha doing?”  Sweetums started fixing rice.  Neither of us had had any lunch.  So supper/dinner was at 3PM.  I guess we are turning into old farts.

Speaking of bathrooms….

 I’m going to miss that red shag carpeting.

Why does spell check accept ‘cha’ and not ‘Sweetums’?  And why isn’t there a personal dictionary for storage?

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