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Back to the Soup

March 8, 2013

I got a nice ham hock at the market last week, so naturally, I wanted to make soup.  I bought a bag of soup beans and sort of followed the instructions on the back.  I added more onion and garlic and tomatoes than called for, and added about a cup of baby carrots sliced lengthwise.  I cooked it until the meat fell off the bone.  I removed the bones and as much fat as possible and shredded the larger pieces of ham.  It turned out great.

P1050334   I hadn’t made any socks lately, so I made these.   Purple and brown isn’t something that I would normally choose, but the little flacks of many colors were very intriguing.  I can’t find the label.  It probably fell behind the rolling carts in my long closet.  The cats like to rummage around in there and I had the yarn sitting out.  I know the yarn company,  I’ve made socks with their yarn before.  It consists of four letters that I can never remember, but easily recognise. The yarn is quite sturdy, but still comfortable on my feet.  I really like the way they look on my feet.  The pattern is Mona from ‘knit. sock. love’ by Cookie A.  I used the eye of partridge on the heel and made a rounded toe.  I love the yarn.  I love the pattern.  I’m happy.

I Finished Knitting the Handbag

April 9, 2009

Now I need to block it.  Somewhere I have some silk that will make a nice lining.  I also thought I might cut a piece of plastic to put in the bottom.  I haven’t made up my mind about the ties yet. 

I started a pair of cable gloves.  They were in Vogue Knitting winter issue.  The cast-on was weird.  I did a long-tail instead.  I have finished several rows and I’m not yet certain that I like it.  The magazine also has a pair of opera gloves that I would like to make.  They start at the fingertips which I have never tried and i love the design down the arms.

I bought Sock Innovation by Cookie A this morning.  I read various sections and I am impressed.  I’ll be making good use of this book.