Delmar Pizza

We haven’t been here for several weeks.  Lord knows we’ve tried.  This is the place where all of Delmar eats.  The last two times we came, there was no place to park, at least twenty people were waiting and every table and booth was occupied.   It wasn’t bad last night.  When the hostess saw us, she said, “Booth. Right?”  The waitress greeted us with a “Haven’t seen you all for a while.  Is it still four iced teas?”  We asked about the specials.  She can’t remember and dashes off, but she’s back in less than a minute with the specials and our iced tea.  We ordered a cheese steak sub, the flounder special and two seafood Neptune specials.  The seafood consisted of shrimp, scallops, crab-meat and salmon.  The sauce was rich and creamy.  It was unbelievably delicious.  My husband was jealous.  He wished he had gotten it also.  He kept stealing pieces.  The sub and the flounder were very good, also, but the seafood Neptune really won the the prize.  Did I mention that there was so much that we probably have enough left over for both of us? 

I can’t say anything bad about this place.  No one has ever had a bad meal here.  They have a large and varied menu.  And it’s all good!!

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  1. Christine Says:

    If I ever make it to Delmar, I knew where to eat. Sounds great. Reminds me. we have a gift certificate to the Samurai, a fantastic Japanese restaurant. Maybe we should try to go there this week.

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