Old Mill in Delmar

We went to The Old Mill last night, a popular place for all-you-can-eat crabs.  Until mid April, the second entree  is half price.  Even so,  we paid more than we would have elsewhere.  We all ordered dinners.  Doug doesn’t like to pick crabs (he’s from Oklahoma so what does he know) and I prefer to go to Jenn and John’s.  We were informed that they do not have free refills on drinks and that a pitcher would be better.  The pitcher were so small tat we had to buy two.  Two of us ordered crab cakes.  They had plenty of big chunks of crab-meat, but they were small and bland.  I wanted some Worcestershire, but the waitress had disappeared and I was almost finished by the time we found her.   If Ihad made them, they would have tasted much better.   The stuffed chicken and stuffed shrimp were also bland.  The salad, Cole slaw, french fries and baked potato were all good.  They didn’t even have dinner rolls.   Will we be going back?  I doubt it. 

What?  No leftovers?

What? No leftovers?

4 Responses to “Old Mill in Delmar”

  1. soapbox Says:

    Jenn and John’s? Where is that?

  2. jay cross Says:

    what a shame…that place use to have great food. I wonder if the people that are now running it realize they are gonna lose their customers and have to close up if they continue on the road they are on. Customer service goes a long way. People are not going to pay those high prices and not have a good meal or service from the help…and who doesnt have free refills for sodas these days….WAKE UP OLD MILL

  3. Christine Says:

    You might think I am crazy but I don’t like crab. Strangely, I love lobster.

  4. Someone Says:

    The people who run the place own a Domino’s Pizza franchise in the area, and wouldn’t know what to do with toilet paper if they had a 15 page manual.

    They will run the business into the ground.

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