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The Best Christmas Present EVER!

December 29, 2010

What do you get a man who has simple desires and doesn’t really need anything that he can’t get himself?  You ask him.  It’s the way to go.   Basically, he gets something that he would like, but wouldn’t go out and buy for himself.

In case you’re wondering, his name is Rue.  In keeping with our tradition of naming our pets after dead relatives(there are a lot to choose from when you are as old as us), he is named after Sweetums’ father.   

Going out and buying a pedigreed kitten was a bit hard for me. My other pets are from shelters or were homeless.  It’s the way I am.  My husband had been wanting a Ragdoll for a long time.  What else could I do?  I found a cattery about two hours away.  They had several kittens born in October.  They would be ready for Christmas.  They sent me pictures.  I sent them a deposit.  Sweetums wanted the one with the grey ears and tail.  I drove there to have a look and also decided that he was the one.  I picked him up the week before Christmas.  I went alone both times in order to preserve some element of surprise. 

Some of you are probably thinking that we have too many pets.  But, why not?  We have the room.  We have the time.  We love animals.  We can afford to take proper care of them.  We are very happy in our home and they make it even happier.