A Good Day for Soup

P1050358   Looking out my window while trying to blog.

The rain started last night and it’s still going strong this afternoon.  My old friend says Baltimore and DC are closed.  I wonder.  Is he and his bud out playing in the snow?  (Insert hysterical laughter here).  I am so glad I live on this side of the bridge. 

So, I’ve been cooking.  I found some strawberries yesterday that didn’t look too violated.  And I thought, ‘pound cake would be nice with them’.

P1050350  Perfection!  A nice crust on the outside and smooth as butter inside.

After a taste test,  I cut it into thirds and froze two of them.  You didn’t think two people were going to eat all that in a couple of days, did you?  Be right back.  It’s time for cake and strawberries.

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  1. sheila Says:

    That cake looks wonderful how ever did you get it so tall. Beautiful cake I want some.

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