Little Flo

Last week, she was gone for 48 hours.  Doug and I were devastated.  She is a personality plus kitty.  I keep telling her she is just a little tabby cat and of little import so she decided to go for a walk.  Little brat.  A male cat had been coming around and managed to herd her away.  She is a very friendly cat and if the other cat’s owner did something like offer her some milk, she would have walked right in.  She also likes to help the neighbor take in her groceries.  If the other people tried to keep her in, they probably let her out because she drove them crazy.  When she came home, she was so happy.  She ran around the yard playing with the other cats, even Dot whom she hates, but that’s another story.  Later, she played with Skunky for a long time.  She went to bed early and got up late. 


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  1. Betty Says:

    AWWWWW!!! I’m glad Flo is home safe and sound. Give her lots of hugs and kisses!

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