Finished Hopscotch Socks

Another great pair of socks!  Six down.  Six to go.  I finished these on Saturday.  I had hoped to finish them sooner, but the weather has been so great.  I’ve been planting flowers.  I have eight hanging baskets on my deck and six other planters to fill.  All the colors of flowers make me feel so good.  I still have three pots to fill and several Impatiens which I scatter around. 

Dot says the flowers smell really nice.

I started the February Lady Sweater on Sunday.  It’s pretty boring and mindless so far, but if I can live through the yoke, I’ll be OK.  I hope that the author is correct on the yardage.  I have about 300 more yards than needed and I want to make the sleeves longer.  I don’t want to be disappointed.  I originally wanted to make a Louisa Harding sweater, but the yarn was inappropriate.  The yarn I’m using is at least fifteen years old that I bought because Doug liked it.  And now, I am finally getting around to knitting something with it.  Don’t listen to your husband while looking at yarn.

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  1. Diana Says:

    Where did Dot come from?

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