Sunday at Sheep and Wool

My brother and sister-in-law picked me around 7:45.  We got there half an hour later.  First stop was to look at plants.  We have had good success in the past.  Since we were parked so close, my brother walked our purchases back to the van.  We went on up the hill, then down to the barns.  There were some venders that I never looked into on Saturday.  Socks That Rock was one, but I didn’t see anything.   We bought things like dog and cat snacks, soap and maple syrup.

I bought fingering yarn for more Coraline gloves from Shelridge Farm.  I really like their yarn and was very happy to find the colors I wanted.  (I forgot to take a picture.) Then I stopped at Miss Babs and found the Squash Blossom.  The yellow-gold was irresistable.  Lastly, I wanted a circular needle from Signature Arts Needles .  I am happy to say that they had the size I wanted.  I bought double points too.

Next, thoughts on my next sweater and more socks on my needles.


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