First Day Out

With the beautiful weather, we felt it was time for Olive to venture outside.  We left the screens open at little cat width and before long she tried the great outdoors.  She was very nervous and never left the deck.  She went in and out several times, but only for a few minutes each time.p1010994

Zip, on the other hand, had a great time.  It was so very nice not to have snow squishing between his toes with every step.p1010996

He checked the neighbor’s shed.  He can’t resist an open door.




Remember last Tuesday?p1010955




Check it out now.p1010987


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One Response to “First Day Out”

  1. Christine Says:

    It won’t take long and she will love it outside. I hope Zip does not get himself locked in that shed by accident. If he goes missing you know the first place to look. My neighbors cat (Fat Angel) used to always go into our garage when we did not see her. We told our neighbors in order that if they could not find her to check there cause she would hide in there. They found her there a couple of times.

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