I Had to Go

I’m in Reisterstown for  few days.  Sometimes, you just have to check on things.  My son called, so here I am.  I hadn’t seen my daughter for  while.  I haven’t been doing nothing much.  It snowed here, too.  It’s odd how you expect it to be different for some reason.  I managed to take a few pictures.

030509-008Here’s the creek on Tuesday morning before I left.  It was still very cold, but the sun was bright and there was much wind.     One of the roads that I usually take had not been plowed so I had to take state routes.  I probably could have taken the other road, but I didn’t want to get stuck.  I’m too old and creaky.


Here’s Biscuit, my son’s kitty.  She’s adorable.  She likes to look outside, but has never gone outside.  You can leave the door open and she’ll look out, but that’s about it.


We’re going to the Dutch Market tomorrow, so I may not be back until Friday.  I’ve gotten some work done on my socks, but not as much as I would like.

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  1. Christine Says:

    It warmed up into the pluses the last couple of days so we have had a little melting. We refuse to be tricked by this spring like weather. By next week it will be cold again. That is a cute cat. When you visit my blog make sure to watch the Pedi-paws video that I lifted from U-tube. The cat on it is hilarious! I picked it because I thought you would appreciate it. I am going to mail your parcel today so let me know when it gets there. It may take a little while cause it is going regular mail.

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