Happy to be Home

I love my children,but I am so happy to be back home.  I worry about them.  I’ll be glad when Win finds a job that he really likes instead of “just a job”.   Jenn has been having trouble with her periods.  Dr. T retired a couple years ago, but she has finally found someone else who gives her the care that we were so used to having with Dr. T.  He’s also a Hopkins doctor.  I’ll probably go back in a few weeks. 


Here’s the yarn that I bought from Enchanted Knoll Farm in Maine.  It came when I left.  My not certain what I will make with it, but I really am very pleased with it.  It has a great feel and the colors are  so much better than this picture.


The heel is finished and I’m coming down to the toes.  I’m expecting my other sock club any day and I brought back sewing, knitting and crocheting to do.  My daughter can sew, but my machines do so much more than hers.  John keeps taking her fleece throw so she bought a piece for him and wants me to finish it the way I did hers.  She also wants me to change the sleeves on her tunic.  I  have a knit shirt from Win with some strange holes.  I guess it beats catching turtles for my grandson. 

The snow is just about gone.  Each day has been getting a little warmer and I’m hoping to be able to sit outside this weekend.  I don’t think this is yet the beginning of Spring.  030209-050

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  1. Christine Says:

    If Olive could talk, she would be asking you to do something about all that frost on the window and the bad weather outside. She said please.

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