Walking Again

I have finally been able to get in a little walk the past couple of days.  I can almost make to the end of our road, but the incline is mostly snow-covered.  It’s so aggravating.  Last night, it started raining and it has really helped in getting rid of the snow.  I will be so happy when it is all gone.  This snow was very heavy and I think we will have to have at two large ones removed.  Also, a holly looks very bad.  It saddens me.  Even though I like the rain for snow removal, it is very hard on my joints.  When I came in from walking, I could hardly get my sweater off.  It’s a heavy, close-knit pullover and my shoulders really protested.  I was going to sew, but I didn’t have the energy for even that.  I had cut out a top and a vest the other day.  The fabric is very hairy.  I had to get out the Static Guard in order to get the hair off my cutting table.  I hope I don’t run into too many problems putting it together.  I’ll probably have to clean my machine a few times while I ‘m making them. 

I’ve been cheating on my knitting.  The sweater from hell is taking a back seat to my clown socks.  I had taken the socks to knitting group Sunday and enjoyed working on them so much that I haven’t gone back to the sweater.  My fingers just love little wooden needles.  Flo says she doesn’t mind.


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