I Ate too much Shrimp

And now, my stomach is a bit upset.  But, it was really good. And I haven’t had any in such a long time.  I have had a five-pound box sitting in my freezer for too long.  There is still s lot of it left.  I could make shrimp salad and still have enough left to make a pasta dish.   We are going to be so sick of shrimp.

 I have lost track of the age of some of my frozen food so we are going to everything in the freezer before buying any more.  And that’s all there is to it. 

Last year was so disorganized.  This year, all I seem to want to do is get things finished.  I think that clearing out the freezer is part of that.

Speaking of finishing, I’ve only got a few more inches on my Stars sweater.  I have got to get that sucker finished, but it makes me crazy.  And I just can’t work on it constantly.  So, I’ve been working a little on my Clown socks in between.

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