Refrigerator Rolls

I made the mistake of making scones for breakfast this morning. They took too long. I had other things to do. But, they were really good.

Now, it’s after 4PM and all I have done is get the mashed potatoes out for the rolls. I am really dragging around. I didn’t go to the market until 3 PM. I needed really stupid stuff. The worse being nutmeg. I know I have nutmeg around here somewhere, but neither of us could find it. The good spaces were all gone in the parking lot and I wasted a lot of time waiting for LOLs to get by. Daddy always told me to have patience, but there are times. As soon as I finish this, I will go make up the rolls and put them in the refrigerator. Tomorrow morning, I will make 5 or 6 to try out.

It’s a good thing I will not be making everything for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I could handle it right now. The neighbors invited us and am bringing rolls and apple pies. I couldn’t find the right kind of apples around here, but fortunately, my daughter did. I picked them up when I went over there last week. I think those pies are the main reason my son is coming here for Thanksgiving.

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