Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Here it is, the day before Thanksgiving. I have things to do, but it is so beautiful outside. I managed to cook up a small batch of rolls this morning before walking the dog. They’re gone now. Sweetums washed and hung the sheets so I guess I will have to bathe tonight. I am sure the neighbors will appreciate it.

Here is a picture of me with the neighbors house in the background. I didn’t like this sweater when I first made it.  It sat on the closet shelf for a good year. I am finally starting to like it. It seems to look better. I think all those dog walks are paying off. Do I look brain dead! I was trying to explain the camera to my husband and this was the best he could do. At this point, I probably was brain dead.

The pattern is from Sally Melville’s Purl Book. The yarn is Rowan California Cotton. I really love this yarn. I still have enough for at least three more sweaters. It’s also wonderful for wash cloths. I am making my daughter a tunic with it. It is taking me a while because it is crocheted. It’s hard on my hands and I can’t crochet for hours on end like knitting. On the other hand, her knitted gloves are done and I have started on a matching lacy scarf.

Back to reality. I’ve got to go peel apples.

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4 Responses to “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”

  1. kitsknits Says:

    I love your sweater! I seem to have issues finishing the ones I start!

    Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Christine Braun Says:

    Your post came up in the randomizer. I am so jealous! Everything looks nice and green where you are. Up here in Canada we are entering the deep freeze. Nice sweater! I am in the process of doing one for my husband but I think the pattern is wonky.

  3. frivolousfluffy Says:

    Christine, if you are having trouble with the pattern, perhaps I can help. Take a picture or scan the instructions and I will try to figure it out. Actually, my neighbor’s grass always looks greener than ours.

    Kitknits, you should should see my pile of WIPs!

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