I’m Seeing Much Better Now

Sometimes it’s really hard trying to explain how I feel.  I can look out my window across to other side of the water and see a man walking along the edge.  He is a bit bent over with white hair and ruddy complexion.  All this without my glasses!  This is  so wonderful for me.  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was two years old.  And  now I can see better than my old corrected lenses.  Yesterday, sitting on the pier on the river, I said a little prayer of thanks.  It is all so overwhelming.  I didn’t know life could be like this.

Flo, (aka Sheena, Warrior Princess), can’t hide on top of the cabinets any more.  I didn’t think I had a skinny grey pig.

That white blob down by the water is our Sweet Baby Rue.  I can even make out his tinted ears and tail.  And those things swimming around are geese.

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  1. impetua Says:

    I just found out I have the beginnings of cataracts. I’m 44. 😦 I’m glad that your surgery went well! Being able to see well is such a wonderful thing.

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