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Fan Dango Vest from Dazzling Knits

February 8, 2012

My daughter picked this pattern, but she wanted it long enough to cover her bottom.  There are large windows behind her at work, but she doesn’t  care to wear a sweater.  Since the vest is knit from the top down, it was easy to get the right length.  I only bought one ball of yarn for this vest.  The rest came out of my stash.  I stayed mostly with purples and grays to give it a classy look. 

Purls in Onancock VA

November 12, 2011

A few days ago, Maria called.  She and Betty wanted to take me to lunch on Veterans Day.  It sounds a lot better than, “I’m off Friday.  Let’s go shopping.  You can drive.”  I always drive, which is fine with me.  I like to drive.  My van is more comfortable for me than theirs.  That’s important for old cricky people like me.  So, anyway, somehow we found ourselves in Onancock.  It is a super little town.  I love going there.  It’s full of neat stuff.  I may even take Sweetums some day. 

Since it was almost 1pm when we got there, we went to Janet’s Cafe for lunch.  They are only open until 2pm in the winter.  As usual, we had an absolutely fabulous lunch.  We love love love this place.  Trying to decide on what to get is very hard.  Maybe next time I’ll just close my eyes and pick one.  I don’t believe I could go wrong. 

Purls  is now across the street from Janet’s so it was one stop shopping.  What more do you want?  The shop is small, but there is a good variety.  I only bought one ball of yarn.  I want to make my daughter a vest and a found some glitzy purple to add to it.  Maria, as usual, bought the most.  Betty, ever the planner, with her notebook in hand, found yarn for a couple of projects.  We were there for about two hours.  How does that happen? 

By the time I got up to Salisbury, it was full dark.  It being Friday dinnertime, cars were everywhere.  It  was as bad as summertime.  I was a little tired and didn’t feel like dealing with highway traffic so I headed over to the old road.  I popped in my iPod and enjoyed the rest of the trip in pease.

Two More Weeks

October 24, 2011

Some things can’t be done in one step.  So I have to wait.  Bending over,  moving too quickly, staring all make my head hurt.  I even had to roll a ball of yarn with the hank in my lap because the swift was making me nauseous.  It took me forever to finish a pair of pants, but I have been getting a lot of knitting accomplished.