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Scrubs for Jasmine

December 20, 2014


My daughter wanted to get Jasmine some scrubs for Christmas.  She is my son’s boarder and she went to school with my grandson.  We didn’t see much of anything so I volunteered to make her something.  The fabric we found is Marvel cartoon characters which she loves.  There were several interesting fabrics at the store.  She’s a nice person and I would be happy to make her some more.

This isn’t much of a post, but I’m still knitting a sweater for my daughter!

My Nativity is on display.  The tree can wait.

They Came

January 3, 2008


The electrician actually showed up around 745AM. They worked until 3PM and they are supposed to come back tomorrow. I’ve got to put my Nativity and creche away tonight because they will be working right there. The Nativity set is so beautiful and I only recently found a suitable creche for it.

I started another entrelac hat last night to match my new gloves. With size 4 circular needle, I cast on 120 stitches. I did three row stripes for about 1 1/2 inches. The squares are going to remain eight stitches and I will have to knit about two more row of sloping squares. We’ll see what happens. Sometimes, what I see in my head doesn’t come to fruition.

Here’s a little incentive. All you have to do is comment and a one of a kind pair of gloves could be yours.