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July 3, 2008

We had another day with low humidity and temperatures low enough to turn the air conditioning off.  I love to sleep with the windows open.  The Powers That Be say it’s going to up to ninety-two tomorrow so I’ll enjoy it while I can.  I did some gardening.  I bought Doug another Hibiscus in orange and Linda gave me some Cone plants.  I put mulch some yellow daisy looking plants and pulled grass out of the Impatiens.  We still need to look at trees for the creek-side.  We don’t know what we want.  zip help Zip knew what he wanted.

I worked on my blue socks later in the day.  Now that I have the pattern pretty much memorized, it’s going a lot faster.  The leg is over half done.  I made 106 split squares for the quilt border.  I think that’s enough.  I hope that’s enough.

I got my confirmation letter from Stitches.  I already knew because my second choice for Friday was sold out the first day.  I will be taking Shadow Knitting with Vivian Hoxbro on Friday and Danish Skra-trojer with Beth Brown-Reinsel on Saturday and Sunday.  I like an all day class and a two day class is even better.  It should be fun.  The brochure came the same day.  Why wasn’t it sent out before the first sign-up day? 

I Didn’t Go

June 30, 2008

My son called me around 10AM.  He asked if I had left yet because I didn’t have to come.  He said he was having a panic attack last night (as if I didn’t know).  He had since settled down and talked to someone.  He is getting some help this evening and tomorrow before class.  He really did sound much better this morning so I stayed here.  This has happened before and it will probably happen again.  At least he recognizes that he is this way and can straighten himself out.  We talked about getting together in a couple weeks.  I promised to bake him something good and bring leftovers.  Doug always complains that there are no leftovers when I go, but he says it good naturedly.

I couldn’t decide what inner border to use, so I put two on.  Tomorrow I hope to start making the crush  I couldn’t resist that orange, yellow,red and purple stripes.   Doug isn’t stepping on Gus.  He’s rubbing his belly.

I hate Blue Jays.  If they are not dive bombing Zip, they are dropping their kids on our deck.  We have to get every cat in and wait.  In the meantime, the little twerp poops all over my deck.  Maybe the rain tonight will wash it off.jay jr  Darn.  We forgot about the chairs.  Oh, well.

I also got a little work done on the blue socks 




Teacher from Hell

June 28, 2008

I was really hoping to get a lot of work done on my quilt in the next few days, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  My son called a little while ago, very upset.  He is taking a writing class that he absolutely has to pass in order to graduate.  The teacher has been intolerable and half the class has left.  He has an oral on Monday and a final report on Wednesday.  He is not  worried about the oral.  He always does well with them.  I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll do what I can.  He wants to graduate so badly!  He’s trying hard, but the teacher seems to take pride in tearing everything apart.

The weather is suposed to be better tomorrow and the following few days so I won’t be running from air condiioned room to air conditioned room.  Maybe I’ll take my machine with me and work on my quilt.  I have a million split patches to make which also means a wad of fabric and cutting board and cutter.  michael We’ll see.



Bye, Guys. 

Very Hungry Caterpillar

June 28, 2008

I have been wanting to make a quilt for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for a while.  I got an e-mail from someone that knew of my involvement with them.  In the May issue of Love of Quilting was a Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt pattern.  They had a kit, but it was already sold out.  You could still order, but they did not know when they would be ready.  I started googling and made myself crazy, so I put it in the back of my mind for a while.  Yesterday, it leaped forward again so I started googling again.  After three hours and three headaches, I said the hell with it.  I wanted to go to one site and get everything.  Is that so much to ask?  Evidently it is.  So I went back to LOQ and ordered their kit, but I bought a different backing from some other place.  What can I say?  It was different.  I liked it.

I measured my quilt top this morning.  One side is off 1/2 an inch and that’s it.  I was so happy.  I assumed there would be inches of difference.  I won’t have to worry about the border now.  No. Wait a minute.  I still have to decide on what fabric to use.  Jeez. orange crushborder  I have several possibilities, but I only need two.









June 7, 2008

MaudeIt was pretty humid when we went out on our morning walk.  It’s supposed to get hot tomorrow, so I am hoping to get out early. 

I found out that Maude has a friend, another female named Cat.  She goes over to her house and picks her up and they go off together.  She actually sits outside and waits for Maude to come.  I am not surprised that Maude has a flunky.  She is quite a cat.  Look at that innocent face.  Behind those eyes lies the mind of a fierce jungle cat. 

She is sitting on the scratching post so she can be properly admired.

I worked on some more blocks for the quilt this afternoon.  I have four half blocks to sew and then I can start sewing it together.  This quilt really has been a lot of fun.  I like the step by step idea.  It made it less daunting.  My socks are coming along, too.  And I worked on the big sweater this evening.  I feel like I got something done today.

Noro Socks

May 26, 2008

noro socksThey are finished.  I washed them this afternoon and laid them out to dry on the stove.  Then I made banana nut muffins.  Doesn’t everybody make muffins for supper?  Theywere perfect, but the socks are still not dry.  I am happy with this picture.  Maybe, I’ll take another tomorrow.

I got out another hank of yarn to make another pair of socks.  This one is baby Merino and is unbelievably soft.  If I don’t spend too much time in Dover tomorrow, I may be able to start them.  I hoping to get the yarn wound tonight.  I don’t know.  It’s so late all ready and I didn’t sleep well last night.  Doug kept waking me up with his infernal snoring.


maude & zip

I was hoping to sew today, but Maude and Zip had other ideas.  Under Zip are nine neat little stacks of quilt squares to be sewn. 

Step #5 of the mystery was put out last night.  I wasn’t happy with the way it was set up.  One page had nothing to do with the quilt and there was a recipe at the end of it that I knew I would never make.  Since I was not allowed to cut and paste, I told my printer which pages to print and had to hand write a few lines.  One page only had three lines on it and still had half a recipe that I didn’t want.  I do like to bake, but this recipe was gross. 

Too Nice to Be In

April 18, 2008

I got sweaty sitting outside on deck around noon. It was wonderful. I am only inside now because I had to prepare the strawberries and make a little dinette cake to go with them. I had some strawberry extract and added a little red food dye to get the full effect.

My table runner isn’t finished yet.

Maude wouldn’t let me.

I got most of the cutting done for clue 2 of the quilt.

I am two-thirds through the first sleeve on my sweater which is pretty good considering how little time I have put into it. I like this pattern better, but I am not thrilled with the yarn and I doubt that I will buy it again. Maybe it will feel better after a good washing.

Embroidery is Finished

April 1, 2008

I finally completed all the embroidery that I had planned and I can now take my baby in for it’s annual physical. The arm is going, too. I seem to have to recalibrate more often lately. Digitizing takes so long that I wonder if it’s worth it. There are so very many great designs out there. Often I would prefer to pay someone else to do it because it is making me crazy.

This is the back of my sweatshirt.

This is the front.

Now I can get back to my Orange Crush quilt. I should have gotten the light and dark strips cut by this time, but I like to get one thing done before starting another. We got the first clue today so I have sewing to do. I plan on cutting the strips tomorrow and maybe starting to sew.

This is what I am going to use for my quilt.

Sock Club

February 29, 2008
Yesterday, we had a nice long walk, but today it was too cold and windy to go very far. When I got to end of the street, the wind got worse and I headed home. Doug said he was going to walk on, but he was back about five minutes later. On the way out, we noticed a package in the mailbox. I think he just wanted to see what was in the package. Well, it was for me. I had joined a four times a year sock club which is about all the socks I care to knit in a year.

The yarn feels wonderfully soft. It’s merino with some bamboo and nylon. I could make a whole sweater in this stuff. I like the pattern, too. I got it from Now, the problem is—Should this be my next project? I am almost finished the mittens and I have started on the second glove. And I still have one other thing to make. The baby quilt will be finished this evening and I should have a picture tomorrow.

If Zip lets me.

See that little path in my yard? My cats did that the first time it snowed and it’s still there! How could such cute little kitties do such a thing?

Don’t believe anything she says.

One Glove is Done

February 26, 2008

I’m working on the second mitten.

I have been looking at quilt patterns. I want to cover my dining room table with a quilted top to help protect it from the cats, especially Zip. He is always in trouble with his “Gotta love me” attitude. I have several ideas, but I need to finish the baby quilt first. I still haven’t put the binding on. I have the fabric. It will either be reds, whites and blacks or pinks and greens. I think I’ll drag out the fabric tomorrow and lay it all out. I am also debating on whether some applique would be good or bad. I really enjoy applique, but maybe not with cats running across it.

I was thinking about making one of these for my Sacred Wiener Dog.