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July 3, 2008

We had another day with low humidity and temperatures low enough to turn the air conditioning off.  I love to sleep with the windows open.  The Powers That Be say it’s going to up to ninety-two tomorrow so I’ll enjoy it while I can.  I did some gardening.  I bought Doug another Hibiscus in orange and Linda gave me some Cone plants.  I put mulch some yellow daisy looking plants and pulled grass out of the Impatiens.  We still need to look at trees for the creek-side.  We don’t know what we want.  zip help Zip knew what he wanted.

I worked on my blue socks later in the day.  Now that I have the pattern pretty much memorized, it’s going a lot faster.  The leg is over half done.  I made 106 split squares for the quilt border.  I think that’s enough.  I hope that’s enough.

I got my confirmation letter from Stitches.  I already knew because my second choice for Friday was sold out the first day.  I will be taking Shadow Knitting with Vivian Hoxbro on Friday and Danish Skra-trojer with Beth Brown-Reinsel on Saturday and Sunday.  I like an all day class and a two day class is even better.  It should be fun.  The brochure came the same day.  Why wasn’t it sent out before the first sign-up day? 

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June 20, 2008

I am still trying to decide on Stitches.  I have read through every class description that looks the least bit interesting and I have narrowed it down to five.  I want to actually LEARN something if I am going to spend the money.  Some teachers do the same thing year after year.  There are others that I would like to go to, but the class description sounds so uninspiring.  I saw a class on Saturday and Sunday that I’m sure I’ll like, but I also want one on Thursday or Friday so i can go to Werner’s for lunch.  Hey!  I have my priorities!  They’re not open on ducks

These three have been hanging around for the last couple of days.  They are fun to watch.  I only see them when the tide is low.  I want to get a picture of them splashing in the water, but I haven’t had any success yet.  The creek doesn’t look like much when the tide is low, but that’s when all the creatures come out.

victory quilts




I got the book and now I have the fabric so I guess I’ll have to make one.