MaudeIt was pretty humid when we went out on our morning walk.  It’s supposed to get hot tomorrow, so I am hoping to get out early. 

I found out that Maude has a friend, another female named Cat.  She goes over to her house and picks her up and they go off together.  She actually sits outside and waits for Maude to come.  I am not surprised that Maude has a flunky.  She is quite a cat.  Look at that innocent face.  Behind those eyes lies the mind of a fierce jungle cat. 

She is sitting on the scratching post so she can be properly admired.

I worked on some more blocks for the quilt this afternoon.  I have four half blocks to sew and then I can start sewing it together.  This quilt really has been a lot of fun.  I like the step by step idea.  It made it less daunting.  My socks are coming along, too.  And I worked on the big sweater this evening.  I feel like I got something done today.

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  1. Christine Says:

    She looks sweet yet I can believe the jungle cat thing. Jynx was a sweet cat yet a cold blooded murderer. She took heads off rabbits! I love your wild life pictures. I haven’t been able to slow down to go look at the wildlife around here and it is not going t o get better for at least another month.

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