Turtles and Herons and Geese. Oh My!


Look at the size of that turtle.  He’s big enough to eat.  As the days get hotter, those logs will be filled with them.  It’s fun watch the little ones try to climb over the big ones.  I took this while I was trying to get a good picture of the Blue Heron.  My neighbor, Linda, calls him Michael.  She says he is much more dignified than her other neighbor, Mikey.great blue heron




It was also a good day for geese.  The babies are getting big.  By the end of July, it will be hard to tell them from their parents.canada geese  These geese stay year round.  I think their ancestors knew a thing when they saw it and never returned.  I know how that is.

I laid out all the blocks to my quilt last night.  Like the idiot I am, I forgot to take a picture.  Now I am busily making more blocks.  I’m still having a good time with this.  I could have sworn that I would be bored by now.  I’ll be laying it out again soon, probably on the carpeting by my machine.  I hope the animals leave it alone.


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