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Nancy and Christine

February 5, 2008

I am really going to enjoy making the gloves and mittens for you two. Nancy picked a yarn that is fingering weight which is good because she lives in Phoenix where it doesn’t get really cold. Maybe I will make something lacy. Christine said to surprise her. So many things come to mind that I just don’t know what I am going to do. She has so much snow that she saw a horse drawn sleigh go by her house. I figure I could make anything because she probably needs mittens year round. But, seriously folks, I am thinking about doing twined knitting with some Noro orphans that I have lying around.

I only had to wear a sweater when we walked this morning. We walked way down the river. Gus smelled plenty of deer. I finally had to give him to Doug. He was so excited that he wouldn’t listen. I think he will always be a silly puppy. Not at all like my serious German Shepherds. Kevin doesn’t mind.

And The Winner Is

February 4, 2008
Here is Stacy who happens to own The Fine Needle in Snow Hill, MD, picking the winner. I’ll have to go there sometime. Check out her shoes. They are lime and her socks are pink and purple–my kind of colors.

Nancy!! She wins a pair of hand knit gloves in a yarn of her choice.

I was surprised that it wasn’t Christine. She had the most entries. So I decided that she should get the booby prize. A pair of hand knit mittens in a yarn of her choice. I’ll even throw in an index finger. Please specify right or left.

Here are your choices.

The four in the upper right hand corner is enough for one pair of mittens. I need your size. You could measure everything, scan your hand or draw around your hand. If you want these for a loved one, that’s fine, too.

The Mittens are in the Mail

December 14, 2007

I drove up to the post office this afternoon and deposited my package in the slot inside. Mercifully, it just fit. There was a long line at the window and I had more then enough stamps on it. The bridge over the river is out for two weeks so I had to drive out to the highway and come back in. It took about three times as long as usual.

The socks were a pair I started last summer, but forgot about until I was looking for yarn. The mittens were made from Lion Brand yarn that I think my mother had. It said machine washable and dryable on the label. It was the only kind she would use. They are thick and soft so I hope they make someone happy. Now I can get back to my daughter’s tunic. The reindeer are also about done, but I am not looking forward to putting them all together. It will be worth it. They really look good.


Here are my oldest and newest Haflingers. I love these shoes. They were made for me. The arch is perfect. I can put on a brand new pair and wear them all day like they were my oldest. That includes walking down to the horse farm with my goofy dog. I wonder how long I can go without scraping them. I bought two pair because that’s what they had on sale in my size.

Mittens and Reindeer

December 11, 2007

I read this blog about this teacher wanting mittens and socks or slippers for the students at her school. Nearly all of the children come from very poor homes. I wish that I had known about it earlier, but I can’t read everything. So I am knitting mittens and socks. So far, I have made two pairs of mittens and one of socks. I figure I can send everything out by Thursday and it will get there on time. My reindeer are coming along slowly. The thread keeps breaking on this last spool and re-threading is wearing thin on my nerves. I just changed the needle so I know that isn’t it. Why is it always everything or nothing? I still have to finish my daughter’s tunic. I’ll be OK after Thursday. Well, maybe not. I just remembered I offered to knit a pair of gloves as a prize. Oh, wait. I said that I wouldn’t be able to start them until January. Wow. That was close.

I want to thank everyone for the comments. They make me feel like dancing. I will not be posting pictures today. Well, just one. Love ya.

He’s so helpful.