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Indian Summer

November 2, 2008

Sunny and 73 degrees today so I got my knitting and a chair and went outside. 

I finished the first sock.  It fits very well.  These are definitely keepers.

Here’s another keeper.  See how nicely he’s folding my fabric?  I washed and hung it out this morning and he brought it in for me. 

Maude enjoyed the day, too.   However, she was not happy when I took that tick off her.

And this is the last rose of summer.

Even Elvis enjoyed the sun.

Sorting Fabric

October 22, 2008

I have been sorting my fabric stash off and on for the past several days.  I finished this morning and cut out a few things.  I have five fabrics for nightgowns, but I was planning on two or three.  How did that happen?  At least it’s good for quilting.  As a matter of fact, they would all make a very nice looking quilt.  The Christmas quilt that Doug wants me to make for our bed needs a few plain colors.  There’s more than enough for the bed and a small quilt.  I spent entirely too much time looking for matching solid fabrics today.  There are plenty of the patterned fabrics, and Iknow there are solids out there.  It seems no one is advertising them.  I guess I am going to have to do it the old fashioned way and call around.  Jeeze!

It’s very windy today and Zip doesn’t like it one bit.  His fur gets blown the wrong way.  It’s all our fault.  Maude doesn’t like the wind either.  She doesn’t  have much fur and gets cold.  She’s been in and out several times.  Elvis, on the other, was out for quite a while.  He was sleeping on the bricks.  I tossed a few acorns at him to make sure he was still alive.  He thinks the others are whoozes.

I Don’t Have a New Kitten

October 12, 2008

But, Zip considers himself the baby.  He has been very frisky since the weather cooled a little.  And he has been coming in later at night.  Maude, on the other hand, has been spending more time indoors where her toes don’t get cold.

I am trying to blog earlier today.  On most days, I’m doing it right before going to bed when I’m not thinking too clearly anyway.  I really should spend a little more time on my computer, but it’s too nice outside.  It is getting cooler.  I don’t where my sandals much, unless I’m wearing handmade socks.  I’m not wearing shorts much either, but I haven’t put them on the shelf in the back of my closet yet. 

I dragged out the Einstein coat I made a few years ago to see if I could do something with it.  I made it out of my crazy ex-girlfriend’s yarn for her to use as a sample.  The yarn is a grey, tan, brown color that she knew was the latest color.  Well, she was wrong.  I wonder what she did with all that yarn?  I am not a grey, tan, or brown person so I embellished the h**l out of it.  I got great ideas from Knitted Embellishments.  When she gave it back to me, I threw it in a closet.  But, it kept calling me.  I got it out.  I put it on—for the thousandth time.  It finally hit me.  It’s too long.  Now, if you know anything about Sally Melville’s pattern, you know that the bottom is knit sideways.  Bummer.   I have to take out the last 15 or so bound off stitches and pull out every single row along the bottom.  After I do that, I have to decide if I should cut the ends and do fringe or weave about a thousand strands through the wrong side.  Ugh!

The old man is doing well.  He had another seizure on the bed.  He didn’t wet much, so there is only the quilt to wash.  He has had three that I have seen.  Is this where the “nine lives” business comes from?

Elvis is Snotty

October 9, 2008

So I took him to the vet.  He got a shot and an antibiotic to take for a week.  His lungs and heart are good.  His teeth are not too good which may cause some of his problems, but, at his age, it would be too traumatic to do anything about them.  Excuse me while I pet this cat. 

OK.  Back to Elvis.  The vet gave him the same thing he got last year since it did the job.  He said to call if he wasn’t 100% better in a few days and he’d give him something else.  I like this guy.  He’s sensible.  I wish more were like him.  And that includes human ones.

Sleeping quietly in my lap

Here’s my sock.  I like this pattern.  I think I’d like it in a sweater.

He’s Still Got It

October 8, 2008

Elvis is so cool.  When the weather is pleasant, he  goes for a walk.  He likes to look around and he’ll check anything that looks different. 

Doug was helping Paul get his boat out of the water for winter.  Paul got out the trailer and they hooked it up and took off.  Linda saw Elvis in her bushes so she was keeping an eye on the trailer.  She didn’t want Elvis to get hurt.  She should have kept an eye on Elvis.  The front door was open and Elvis decided to have a look around in there.  Later, Linda thought she saw a big rat in the hall and screamed.  Elvis looked at her like she was crazy, but he decided to leave anyway.  Her dog was doing a happy dance because he really likes my cats.  Elvis, on the other hand, knows that all dogs are idiots and their feet have no attachment to their pea sized brains.  He went out through the door to the garage and came home to his deck.

No Power

August 13, 2008

I was happily knitting on my never ending sweater and watching TV when the power went out.  It just recently came back, but I have forgotten what I was going to say.  I noticed that there was only one picture on yesterday’s blog so here is what was missing.

Elvis's new chair



June 3, 2008

elvisElvis had another seizure this afternoon and it was pretty bad.  He was sleeping on one of the chairs on the deck.  He fell off and twitched on the floor for several minutes, then laid perfectly still for a long time.  Doug got a beer and a shovel and went around front to our little pet cemetery.  When he got back, Elvis walked over to him and meowed at him.  He just about fell over.  He was so certain that he was dead.  Elvis is still laughing about it. 

My girlfriend called me from Arizona this afternoon.  She couldn’t find my address.  We had a nice chat.  She’s sending me a present.  She had asked what my favorite colors were so I am assuming it has red in it.


A chunk broke off one of my geraniums last week so I stuck it in some water.  I didn’t notice that it had a bud on it.  It was so small.  Now I have this lovely flower on my little supper table.


Broken Battery Charger

May 1, 2008
I ordered another one, but it won’t be here in time. I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I have other batteries, but I don’t know if they are fully charged. I want to take it with to Sheep & Wool. Now I have to remember to not take so many pictures. I usually take a bunch and delete a good half of them. I also want to take pictures of the “girls” tomorrow. Poo!

I liked the band at the bottom, so I decided to separate the colors with bands. I know that I should have knitted the first band row, but it’s going to felted anyway, so just shut up. Excuse me. I’m in a mood.

Elvis sleeping in the sun.



March 23, 2008
I was watching the geese on the creek this morning when I goat walked by. It stopped, looked at me, and then kept right on walking. You would think that it did this every day. Too bad my camera wasn’t handy. Linda called me a few minutes later to see if she had been seeing things. I tried to act all innocent like I had no idea what she was talking about, but Doug was laughing his fool head off so it didn’t work. We found out later that it belonged further down the river and the owner was trying to round her up. One of my other neighbors, didn’t even know what it was. Her husband doesn’t let her out much. I guess there’s a reason he doesn’t.

The cake turned out pretty darn good, but I am not certain that I will make it again. I think I will need a more flavorful fruit or better strawberries. Those big suckers were rather mild.

Powdered sugar everywhere.

We had leftover chicken for supper. I cut up the rest for potpie. I think I can get two good sized potpies out of what is left–one for us and one for Win. Jenn called me last night. She had helped Win give Biscuit her worm medicine. I am not certain she really needed it at her age, but Win needs to learn to be a responsible cat mother. He all ready knows what kind of food she likes and doesn’t like.

Here’s Elvis enjoying the warmth of the desk lamp. I could probably leave it on all night. His fur is really warm right now. We clipped a few of his claws earlier. When cats get old and inactive their claws can curl into their toes making it hard to walk so we check on them about once a month.

I put bugs on one of Doug’s sweaters today to cover up holes, but some holes were too big and I’ll have to do some extra stitching on them.

The Door into Summer

January 29, 2008
Elvis thought he had found the door into summer today. It is 53 degrees. He walked around a little and came back in and curled up on the heat register. He was probably a grizzly bear in his last life or plans on being one in the next. He’s not sure anymore. Every morning he wakes up and starts purring. He is so happy to be alive.

Zippo knows he needs extra attention.


Hey! You! Get over here and get this fire started!

Thanks to Sandy for giving me these thoughts.