Broken Battery Charger

I ordered another one, but it won’t be here in time. I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I have other batteries, but I don’t know if they are fully charged. I want to take it with to Sheep & Wool. Now I have to remember to not take so many pictures. I usually take a bunch and delete a good half of them. I also want to take pictures of the “girls” tomorrow. Poo!

I liked the band at the bottom, so I decided to separate the colors with bands. I know that I should have knitted the first band row, but it’s going to felted anyway, so just shut up. Excuse me. I’m in a mood.

Elvis sleeping in the sun.



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  1. Christine Says:

    Have fun at the Sheep and Wool. Hadn’t seen Elvis around for a while. Wondered what he has been up to.

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