Purse Update

This is how my purse looked last night.

This afternoon, I unravelled the yellow and blue. Do not worry. The blue and yellow are coming back along with red. I decided that I liked that fuzzy band at the bottom and I am going to put it between each color change.

Look what Doug did.

A faucet for the deck. Now we can water the plants there without having to lug water containers through the house. Isn’t it wonderful?

I decided to make a pineapple upside down cake. It scared me when I looked in the oven after half an hour. I was certain it was going to spill over, but it held. A couple of little pieces fell over when I flipped it over and they were really good. It slipped out of the pan easily and some topping dripped down the side.

Isn’t it pretty?

That’s enough dumb stuff for one day.



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One Response to “Purse Update”

  1. Christine Says:

    That cake looks good. If I lived closer, I would be over with my fork! Haha! I found some old purse patterns dating back to the 50’s. Some of the purses are nice and I was thinking of making one sometime. I have too much to do right now and I am not getting very much done. I worked all afternoon on passport…preferment resident card stuff until I gave up in utter frustration. I will resume that tomorrow. John would happily give that cat to Doug. She really is a brat and always is up to something. That’s why I like her. John is a dog person.

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