elvisElvis had another seizure this afternoon and it was pretty bad.  He was sleeping on one of the chairs on the deck.  He fell off and twitched on the floor for several minutes, then laid perfectly still for a long time.  Doug got a beer and a shovel and went around front to our little pet cemetery.  When he got back, Elvis walked over to him and meowed at him.  He just about fell over.  He was so certain that he was dead.  Elvis is still laughing about it. 

My girlfriend called me from Arizona this afternoon.  She couldn’t find my address.  We had a nice chat.  She’s sending me a present.  She had asked what my favorite colors were so I am assuming it has red in it.


A chunk broke off one of my geraniums last week so I stuck it in some water.  I didn’t notice that it had a bud on it.  It was so small.  Now I have this lovely flower on my little supper table.



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  1. Christine Says:

    I hope Elvis does not have any more seizures!

    I have not ever let my husband near my hair with scissors although maybe he would do better than I do.

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