He’s Still Got It

Elvis is so cool.  When the weather is pleasant, he  goes for a walk.  He likes to look around and he’ll check anything that looks different. 

Doug was helping Paul get his boat out of the water for winter.  Paul got out the trailer and they hooked it up and took off.  Linda saw Elvis in her bushes so she was keeping an eye on the trailer.  She didn’t want Elvis to get hurt.  She should have kept an eye on Elvis.  The front door was open and Elvis decided to have a look around in there.  Later, Linda thought she saw a big rat in the hall and screamed.  Elvis looked at her like she was crazy, but he decided to leave anyway.  Her dog was doing a happy dance because he really likes my cats.  Elvis, on the other hand, knows that all dogs are idiots and their feet have no attachment to their pea sized brains.  He went out through the door to the garage and came home to his deck.

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