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Indian Summer

November 2, 2008

Sunny and 73 degrees today so I got my knitting and a chair and went outside. 

I finished the first sock.  It fits very well.  These are definitely keepers.

Here’s another keeper.  See how nicely he’s folding my fabric?  I washed and hung it out this morning and he brought it in for me. 

Maude enjoyed the day, too.   However, she was not happy when I took that tick off her.

And this is the last rose of summer.

Even Elvis enjoyed the sun.

It Was So Warm Today

January 10, 2008
I only wore a corduroy top and jeans when we walked the dog. It was so windy, there were white caps on the river and it didn’t matter. We had doors and windows open.

Gus says, “Hi”.

Maude still prefers to nap under the tree. Yes, my tree is still up. The only bad thing was that since it is supposed to get cold and rainy, Doug took down the lights on the deck. He also climbed on the roof and got leaves off. I, however was in embroidery mode. I made this for the back of the table runner.

Then, I decided to make a few more.

Doug used to call Jenn Big Foot.

I just liked the goose. I also found a Maine Coon cat that I hope to make tomorrow. I have to change the colors to look more like Jenn’s.