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Pattern for Socks Finished

April 24, 2010

Writing patterns can be a pain.  They take a long time.  There’s so much to consider.  You never how much or how little to enter.  But, anyway, my Girlie Socks pattern is finished and on my pages for anyone who wants to try it.

I’ve started another pair of socks.  The heel is made a little differently than normal.  It gives it a speckled look that I like.  I had a little trouble with the pattern on the instep.  Working it across 30 stitches makes for three increases and only two decreases.  So you have to get a little inventive with an extra decrease.

We went to Suicide Bridge Restaurant yesterday and the Friday buffet.  It’s impossible snot to stuff yourself.  The stemmed shrimp are perfect and I really like the way they fix the scallops.  Even the desserts are good.

I Made Quiche

April 22, 2010

I’ve been thinking about Quiche since Sunday.  After knitting group, we went to Zia’s in Salisbury for supper.  Victoria ordered pasta Quiche.  I had thought about a few times, but, actually I had been hoping someone else would do it.  It looked good and she said she liked it so I’ll have to try it.  They haven’t had stuffed peppers the last three times I’ve been there.  I keep hoping.  It’s really good.  I don’t make them because Doug can’t eat green peppers. 

Anyway, where was I?  OK.  Quiche.  It was supposed to be Quiche Lorraine, but I had some mushrooms.  I sautéed them with onions, then I fried the bacon.  While that was cooking, I whipped up the eggs and cream.  As usual, I couldn’t find the nutmeg and then, I couldn’t find the grater so things slowed down for a bit.  Then I remembered and everything was  up and running again.  I’ve been living here full-time for almost four years and I still have settled on where to put stuff.  I’ll be so glad when we get around to expanding the kitchen.  I cheated on the crust and used one of those pre-made roll-outs.  The hardest part of Quiche is baking it.  It takes a good while to cook, but when it finished you can’t leave it in the oven an extra minute.  But it’s worth it.  It was just right.  Even the store-bought pie crust was nice.  We ate half of it.  Doug put salsa on his.  He’s from Oklahoma.  What do you expect?

Here are my Girlie Socks.  I finished them in two days and I’ve started another pair.

I Didn’t Do a Damned Thing Today

April 20, 2010

Maybe it was after several fully loaded days.  These are finished.

And I started these.I’m calling these Girlie Summer Socks.  I used Katia Bombay.  I’ve started writing the pattern and it will appear soon under my pages.

OK.  You know that I try to learn something every day.  Well, today I learned that pesto  is very good on fresh asparagus.  How’s that?

Finished Girlie Cuffed Socks

July 26, 2009

072509 002

I went further and added a little edge and one button.  Are they too much? 

072509 004

See the  little green diamond?  I’ve all ready started a mitered hat.  I hope I have enough yarn.

072309 026

Loralie is having a sale so I indulged.  I am going to have so much fun!  I don’t know where to start.

072309 010

Here’s Gus, waiting for his pills.  He is so good.  Even though he hates having pills shoved down his throat, he will come and sit in front of me and wait.  And,of course he gets a treat when we’re through.