Pattern for Socks Finished

Writing patterns can be a pain.  They take a long time.  There’s so much to consider.  You never how much or how little to enter.  But, anyway, my Girlie Socks pattern is finished and on my pages for anyone who wants to try it.

I’ve started another pair of socks.  The heel is made a little differently than normal.  It gives it a speckled look that I like.  I had a little trouble with the pattern on the instep.  Working it across 30 stitches makes for three increases and only two decreases.  So you have to get a little inventive with an extra decrease.

We went to Suicide Bridge Restaurant yesterday and the Friday buffet.  It’s impossible snot to stuff yourself.  The stemmed shrimp are perfect and I really like the way they fix the scallops.  Even the desserts are good.

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