I Made Quiche

I’ve been thinking about Quiche since Sunday.  After knitting group, we went to Zia’s in Salisbury for supper.  Victoria ordered pasta Quiche.  I had thought about a few times, but, actually I had been hoping someone else would do it.  It looked good and she said she liked it so I’ll have to try it.  They haven’t had stuffed peppers the last three times I’ve been there.  I keep hoping.  It’s really good.  I don’t make them because Doug can’t eat green peppers. 

Anyway, where was I?  OK.  Quiche.  It was supposed to be Quiche Lorraine, but I had some mushrooms.  I sautéed them with onions, then I fried the bacon.  While that was cooking, I whipped up the eggs and cream.  As usual, I couldn’t find the nutmeg and then, I couldn’t find the grater so things slowed down for a bit.  Then I remembered and everything was  up and running again.  I’ve been living here full-time for almost four years and I still have settled on where to put stuff.  I’ll be so glad when we get around to expanding the kitchen.  I cheated on the crust and used one of those pre-made roll-outs.  The hardest part of Quiche is baking it.  It takes a good while to cook, but when it finished you can’t leave it in the oven an extra minute.  But it’s worth it.  It was just right.  Even the store-bought pie crust was nice.  We ate half of it.  Doug put salsa on his.  He’s from Oklahoma.  What do you expect?

Here are my Girlie Socks.  I finished them in two days and I’ve started another pair.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love your girlie socks! Can’t believe how fast you knit. Two days – that is lightening speed!!!!

    Your quiche sounded delicious. Who doesn’t love a good quiche!!!

    See you on Sunday.


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