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One Latvian Sock

December 22, 2008

I finished it at knitting group this afternoon.  I need to try it on before it’s official.  I have even started the second sock.   The toe was supposed to be solid, but I twined knitted with both colors for more durability.


It rained all night and until noon today.  Maude was very vocal about it.  We have got to stop doing this.  It’s all our fault you know that she can’t go out.  Olive is learning a lot from Maude.


Luckily for us, the rain stopped and she got to go out.  Olive is still too young to go out, but she has been practicing on the Christmas tree for when the time comes.

The Gifts are Wrapped

December 21, 2008

Yeah!  I think I’ll have a piece of pie and watch a movie.

A New Duck

December 20, 2008

p1010387It looks like a Muscovy duck.  There used to be a bunch of them by the restaurant on Route 13.  Since it closed, they had been leaving a few at a time.  It was raining all day so these pictures aren’t very good.



I Finished the Pies

December 19, 2008

They took all day.  I was creaky.  I was cranky.  I did some knitting.  I watched a couple of movies.  We went out and got a pizza.  When we got back, I turned on the oven and now the pies are cooking.  Their lovely aroma is filling the house.  I shouldn’t, but I’ll probably have a piece before going to bed.  I have to go cut cheese.

Apple Pie

December 18, 2008

I made pie crust yesterday and it’s still sitting in a ball in the refrigerator.  Today wasn’t a good day.  Doug asked me this evening if I was going to finish them tonight and I didn’t even answer him.  I just sat there and knit.


I took a video of Olive and showed it to her.  One of these days I’ll get around to putting them on Utube.


I played the snowman for her.12-18-08-012  I don’t think she liked it.

I Can’t Talk Now

December 17, 2008

My husband is scratching my back.  Ooh.  Ooh.  Aah.

Maude is Still Out

December 16, 2008

You can see her there in the yard.  She said, “It’s not cold.  I”m not coming in.”


Here she is sitting on the deck railing this afternoon. 


Since I don’t have very many ornaments that can stand up to this kind of treatment, it didn’t take me long to trim the Christmas tree.  I have also decided to display the Nativity in the glassed in china closet.


Olive’s New Toy

December 14, 2008

I thought it was a Christmas tree, but Olive had other ideas.



Putting up the tree helped to lift my spirits for a while.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.  It’s supposed to me warmer.  I don’t  dare put any ornaments on the tree until we get it tied down.  I may have to resort to only using my unbreakables.


I took this picture at 4PM.  The sun is almost down.  Ican’t stand it.


I was determined to use both colors when rounding out the heel.  It took four tries.  I couldn’t get it snug enough to suit me.

Latvian Socks

December 13, 2008

I finished the ankle last night and started the heel today.


Here’s something you never see around here.


My cutting table has nothing on it.  I’ll leave it up while I decorate the tree, then it’ll be folded up for a while.  I haven’t been in sew mode lately anyway.

You Go Girl!

December 12, 2008

My daughter called me yesterday, absolutely livid.  She had ordered a laptop from Dell for my grandson for Christmas and told them to send it to me.  Kevin gets home from school a lot earlier than she does and he is very nosy.  She knew she couldn’t count on John to be home in time.  He has no sense of time when he’s out on a job.  A few days ago, she called to make sure there wouldn’t be any screw-ups.  Well.  It never showed up here, but it did there.  To make matters worse, there was a picture of it on the side of the box.  She was going to call today and give them a piece of her mind and she expects to get something out of it.  Knowing her, I’m sure she will.  That’s my girl!


I’ve been working on Latvian socks.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them over my heel so I got out a circular needle and slipped the stitches on it.   I got them on.  Hooray.  I hate to take stuff apart.  I really like working this pattern.  It moves right along.  I’ll probably get to the heel tonight.


Here are the needles I’m using.  I love them.  I got them at Stitches.  I had read about them, didn’t want to spend the money without trying them.  They are lightest metal needles that I have encountered.  I usually only use wooden double pointed needles.  Each needle is blunt at one end and pointed at the other and they have four inch lengths.  These work.

Last, but not least, I got a Christmas present today.  Last week, Doug had gotten me Rigoletto on CD.  I had the records at the other house.  When I went to put it on the CD  part didn’t work.  Well, he found a Sony mini-stereo and it came today.  He set it up rather than wrap it up.  When I put on the CD and Luciano started his aria, I started to cry.  I have heard him in concert twice and I am still overwhelmed by his perfect voice.  I am surprised that the neighbors didn’t complain.  I had the speakers on max.